Fees – deposit, withdrawal and trading

Deposit and withdrawal fees

CurrencyPayment methodDepositWithdrawal
USDAdvCash1.2% N/A
USDCapitalist1.5% N/A
USDEpay1% N/A
USDInterkassa7.9% N/A
USDPayoneer6.9% 5.9%
USDPerfect Money1.99% N/A
USDPayeer1.5% N/A
EURAdvCash1.2% N/A
EURCapitalist1.5% N/A
EUREpay1% N/A
EURInterkassa7.9% N/A
EURPayeer1.5% N/A
EURPerfect Money1.99% N/A
EURPayoneer6.9% N/A
RUBAdvCash1.2% 2%
RUBCapitalist1.5% N/A
RUBInterkassa7.9% N/A
RUBPayeer1.5% N/A
RUBYandex.Money1.9% 4.5%
UAHAdvCash1.2% N/A
UAHInterkassa7.9% N/A
BTCBitcoin0%0.001 BTC
LTCLitecoin0%0.02 LTC
ETHEthereum0%0.01 ETH
XRPRipple0%2 XRP
DASHDash0%0.005 DASH
BCHBitcoin Cash0%0.002 BCH
FLIPBitFlip0%0.005 FLIP
RRevain0%5 R
RMCRussian Miner Coin0%0.001 RMC
BTGBitcoin Gold0%0.01 BTG
NANORaiBlocks0%0.7 NANO
FOODFoodCoin0%400 FOOD
REALReal Estate Asset Ledger 0%10 REAL
BTWBitWhite0%50 BTW
LINDALindaCoin0%100 LINDA
BENBitCoen0%50 BEN
CSCCasinoCoin0%500 CSC
OMGOmiseGO0%0.5 OMG

N/A – this method is unavailable for deposit or withdrawal.

Order fee table

Fees are dynamic and depends on who you are in trade and your trading volume. Taker is who buys or sells with no order creation using matching mechanism. Maker is who create order to sell or to buy.

MakerTakerLast 30 days volume*
0.10%0.18%≥ 0 BTC
0.09%0.17%≥ 5 BTC
0.08%0.16%≥ 10 BTC
0.07%0.15%≥ 20 BTC
0.06%0.14%≥ 35 BTC
0.05%0.12%≥ 50 BTC
0.04%0.11%≥ 75 BTC
0.03%0.10%≥ 100 BTC
0.02%0.09%≥ 125 BTC
0.01%0.08%≥ 150 BTC
0%0.07%≥ 200 BTC
0%0.06%≥ 350 BTC
0%0.05%≥ 500 BTC
0%0.04%≥ 750 BTC
0%0.03%≥ 1000 BTC

*Every 24 hours, we will calculate the last 30 days of trading volume for account and dynamically adjust fees according to the schedule above.