How is the commission paid to execute the order?

Commission is dynamic and it depends on your 30 day trading volume. You can read more about ithere.

How fast is processing withdrawal?
It takes up to 5 bussiness days and fully depends on method of withdrawal. In some rare cases withdrawal request can be processedup to 30 days.
How long is the withdrawal of coins?
Withdrawal of coins is fully automated and it proccesses during 10-15 minutes after request.
When translating XRP (ripple), you need the Destination tag - where can I find it?

The tag is an additional indication of the address and it is very important if the service where you make the transferuses tagged purses.

If you make a transfer to our wallet, thenthe destination tag is not required

If the form does not pass validation, then you can specify any numbers - there will be no errors

I lost 20 XRP (Ripples) with the transaction. Why?

We are sorry if this happened to you and you were not aware of the rules of Ripple about charging fees for "activation"of purses.

Although the official rule says that these funds are "reserved", but one way or another, you can not use them. Onsome services, they remain on balance and frozen forever, other services, for example, we simply do not displaythem on the balance.

When does the write-off occur?

The cancellation of 20 coins occurs only once at the time of first deposit. Accordingly, if the wallet was not activatedbefore and no remittances were made from it, then at the first attempt to transfer to another Purse purse (yourfriend, for example) 100 XRP - only 80 will come. After that, the wallet is considered "activated" and there willbe no such write-offs.

The rule is on the company's official website -https://ripple.com/build/reserves/

And if I just trade inside the platform and do not make entries / conclusions on other purse purses?

In this case, there will be no write-offs, you can use our wallet inside the exchange to store your funds - it'sfree of charge

When I enter a one-time password from the authentication application, I get an error saying that the password is incorrect

A similar error usually occurs due to the synchronization of time on your smartphone. How can this be solved?

I have an Android smartphone

You need to download and install the time synchronization application that you can find in the official applicationstore -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=en.org.amip.ClockSync

I have an iPhone smartphone

You need to use this article on the official Apple support site -https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203483

If this did not help

It is necessary to make sure in time and date settings that the time is set not in manual mode, but is taken fromthe Internet or synchronized with the operator's SIM card. Also try to rearrange the sim card in the phone.

If these actions did not help - contact our support

When I try to sign in, they tell me that such a user is not registered / I made a mistake in the email address when registering

Such an error only occurs if, during registration, you made a typo when typing an email address.

The policy of the service states that the change of the address of the account is impossible, not only within theframework of the agreement, but also for technical reasons, since all data undergoes end encryption and can notbe recoded.

What do you do in this case?

Due to the technical impossibility of changing the address, as well as the difficulties in finding the right addressin the database - you need to try to find the possible errors in your account through a search of possible errors.THIS IS THE ONLY OPTION. We can not find and communicate the correct address - this is technically impossible.

When registering, I forgot to enter the @ sign and now I can not log into my account, because you need an email inform

In this case, you need to use the developer mode in the browser and change part of the html code for the input tag.From type = "email to type =" text "

Where is your company registered?

Our company is registered in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.


BitFlip Limited 2571823 29-08-2017

What are coupons and how to use them?

The section of coupons can be found in the personal account in the "Coupons" section or by clicking on the directlink -https://bitflip.li/user/coupon

Coupons are designed to transfer funds between users within the platform. The main feature of the transfer of fundsis the complete absence of a commission. Including this is a useful way to completely transfer your funds to anotheraccount.

How do I create a coupon?

Please note that to create a coupon, you will need to enter a one-time password for two-factor authentication, whichcan be enabled in your account in the Settings section

Go to the Coupons page. Before you will be block Create a coupon:

  1. Select the purse in the system that you will use
  2. In the second field, enter the amount that will be reserved in the coupon
  3. Enter a disposable 2fa pincode
  4. After clicking on the button you will receive a long text code, which is a coupon.

How to activate the coupon?

On the same page, just below there is an Activate coupon. Just enter the text code in the gray box and click on thebutton - the coupon is activated! Funds have been transferred to your wallet.

How to delete an account?

Our service does not imply the possibility of deleting the account from the system on request - this happens automaticallyif you have not logged in for 3 months.

Your funds are deleted at the same time.

If you are concerned about the security of any personal data - our service uses terminal encryption, even if thedatabase gets to the attackers, it can not be hacked or somehow associated you with the account on the site.

My money was lost when I tried to buy / sell currency

For a start - without panic, your funds are in order.

Our resource is not an exchanger, we are an exchange market and all transactions occur between users, so the exchangeof currencies may not happen instantly.

What happened in your case - you created a buy / sell order that reserved your funds from your wallet.

To make sure of this - pay attention to the block "My orders" on the page of the trading pair, it is located directlyabove the block of transaction histories. Also, a list of all active orders can be found on the page in your account,in the section "My orders".

If the order is not executed for a long time - its price does not attract other users of the resource, they findit too unprofitable for itself.

You can always click on the "cancel" button and re-create the order using a different price. After cancellation,all funds are returned to the balance in full and commission is not charged.

After depositing money, my balance is not updated on the site

If after replenishing the balance of one of the payment systems, which implies instant crediting, the money stilldoes not appear on your balance, then before contacting the support service, perform several actions:

  1. Wait at least 5 minutes after the fact of payment - sometimes payment systems can transmit data a little longerthan instantly
  2. Refresh the browser page - the data can be cached and not updated in online mode (the most popular solution)
  3. Check or remember - whether there was a comment field for the systems: Yandex, Kiwi, WebMoney. It is the commentthat allows you to associate a payment with your account.

If after these actions the balance is still not updated or you forgot to specify a comment when making a payment- contact the support service and prepare a receipt for payment. Checks can be found and downloaded in the personalaccount of each payment system.

The term for crediting such problem payments is around the clock.

Error "invalid value" or "e_invalid_token"

Both errors are related to the peculiarities of caching data in your browser, they are known and very simply solved.

Just refresh the page in the browser and the error will be removed.