Affiliate program

Earn up to 70% of platform income

for each trader you invite

About affiliate program

Affiliate program allow you to earn on inviting new traders to platform. Each invited user forever assigned to your account. You should register to participate.

Up to 70% of platform income

You will earn from 40% to 70% from each invited user's deals

Payouts once a week

We pay each tuesday for last week from monday to sunday

Cookie's lifetime is 30 days

If your invited user will register later it will be yours


You earn in currency invited user pay fee. You will get your earining in same currency on wallet inside platform and can trade using it or make withdraw request.


What does the affiliate program provide?

The affiliate program allow you to earn money with each trader you invite to the project. Each invited user will be forever assigned to you. You should register to participate in the affiliate program.

How to participate in the program?
First you should register on platform. Then go to userspace clickcing on your name on top fo the page and affiliate program menu. You will find special link there that should be used for inviting new traders. You can invite traders on any page just save ref parameter in link.
How much can I earn?

Each partner get 40% of income, that invited traders do. That percent can grow up to 70%.

You will get income from our fee for each deal. The platform takes 0.1% from active of each deal.

The partner gets income as percent of platform fee on each active on deal. The partner gets income as percent from our deposit fees. The partner will not get income from withdraw fees, because we make it lower as possible and earn nothing on it.

How are the incomes paid?

Revenues for partners are paid on a weekly basis every Tuesday for the last week from Monday to Sunday inclusive to personal wallet on the platform in currency of that income.

What do I need to increase my percentage of deductions?
There are two options for increasing the interest income in the affiliate program:
  • Invite quality active audience. The better the audience you invite, the higher % will be.
  • To make a deposit to platform for development purpose and get increased % for lifetime period of your account.
What % is set depending on the amount of traffic involved?

The percentage is set once and for the entire period after the partner reaches the income in a certain amount.

  • from $100 to $1999 – 45%
  • from $2000 to $4999 – 50%
  • from $5000 to $14999 – 55%
  • from $15000 to $99999 – 60%
  • above $100000 – 70%

To receive a new interest, the partner must write in support and report on the achievement of the established income on his account, after which the percentage is set in accordance with the table above.

How to get higher % immediately?

At the stage of formation of the platform, we provide an opportunity to get an increased percentage for partners who are serious interested for small deposit. The table below shows the amount of deposit and the percentage that is set. Contributions are accepted in bitcoins or its equivalent on the date of payment.

  • 45% – 0.1 BTC
  • 50% – 0.3 BTC
  • 55% – 1 BTC
  • 60% – 2 BTC
  • 65% – 3.5 BTC
  • 70% – 5 BTC

The partner's contribution goes to the support of the platform, development and payment for the employees involved in the development of the project.

Please remember that deposit is optional possibility for partners to get higher percent of income on start. Its also temporary option provided for partners as we are just started and we need support to continue working. For more details email us at