Migration flow

1. You will be created an account on BITEXBOOK exchange with login - login.

2. After registration, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to activate your account.

3. After activating your account, you need to recover your password.

4. After that, you can successfully log in and check the balance of the transferred tokens.

Your balances

Your current balances will be transferred to tokens on the BITEXBOOK platform, which are subject to gradual redemption from the received commissions on trades.

You need to log in before you proceed the migration.

The conditions for the transfer of the rights and obligations of the new assignee cryptocurrency exchanges BitFlip

1. According to the agreement, StreamCapital Group LTD (BITEXBOOK cryptocurrency exchange) is recognized as the legal successor of BitFlip cryptocurrency exchange. Under the terms of the agreement, the following rights and obligations were transferred:

- right to domain names bitflip.li, bitflip.cc, bitflip.info;

- obligations on payment of money to clients BitFlip;

- right to the remainder of Fiat money held in the accounts of BitFlip, and cryptocurrency;

2. The amount of the obligations BITEXBOOK to the client BitFlip is transmitted during a migration of this customer to the trading platform BITEXBOOK.

3. BITEXBOOK takes the transferred liability by the issue of electronic digital symbols (tokens), with the corresponding record in the database on the side BITEXBOOK. Tokens are issued in every currency (Fiat and crypto) in which BitFlip has commitments to customers.

4. Redemption (repayment) of the data token will be at the expense and within the limits of the Commerce Commission in the amount 100% obtained from BITEXBOOK transactions of BitFlip clients on the trading platform BITEXBOOK.

5. Client of BitFlip is allowed to sell (transfer) of obligations to another client BITEXBOOK, including a former client of BitFlip.