Migration to BITEXBOOK is available until 31.05.2019

Dear customers of BitFlip exchange, we inform you that May 31, 2019 is the deadline for migration to BITEXBOOK exchange. We invite everyone to complete the migration procedure before the deadline. From June 1, 2019 funds on your balances will be irrevocably burned, personal accounts on the exchange will become unavailable; all of BitFlip websites will be completely disabled. Migration will no longer be possible.

You can complete the migration procedure by following the link after you are logged in.

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Best regards, BITEXBOOK team

BITEXBOOK is BitFlip’s assignee

Hi guys!

Negotiations have been completed, and a detailed balance management algorithm has been developed, and we are ready to make public the name of the successor - BITEXBOOK.

During the bilateral negotiations we reached an agreement according to which StreamCapital Group company (BITEXBOOK cryptocurrency exchange) becomes a legal successor of the rights and duties of BitFlip exchange.

The BITEXBOOK Exchange undertakes to fix BitFlip customers balances in its system by issuing debt tokens in the equivalent of the currency in which balances have been remaining on BitFlip customers’ wallets (tokens are issued with the “bf” prefix).

The redemption (redemption) of these tokens in a 1: 1 ratio will be made at the expense of commission income in the amount of 100% of the BitFlip client trade. In the future, the management of BITEXBOOK is ready to send additional reserve funds for the prompt discharge of debt obligations. In addition, we plan to negotiate with the management of some coins, offering them to help compensate for the losses incurred by the BitFlip team.

To migrate, click on the BitFlip link or click here - https://bitflip.li/migration. Detailed migration instructions are also available here.

You need to take over migration here.

Your BitFlip team.